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We create and manage bespoke programmes designed and developed to meet the specific requirements set and agreed as part of the overall communications strategy in place.

As a guide, below are some of the specific activities that have proven to be valuable in helping to design and develop an assignment and can form the basis for future discussions.

Our conference and production approach involves:


  • Design and develop the concept and the theme.


  • Source the appropriate venue and liaise directly with the venue on the client's behalf.


  • Provide all the audio visual equipment required including set, sound, lighting and visual - to whatever scale required.


  • Provide all the technical expertise, set up and manage the event from both an audio visual and general management standpoint.


  • Assist in formulating, refining and collating the appropriate presentations within the template agreed.


  • Coach presenters in both personal and group delivery


  • Coach and assist presenters in presentation and audio visual preparation

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