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Watch video below to discover more about STRONGMAN Solution Selling.

One of our major sales training and performance successes has been the development of our STRONGMAN solution sales process. One of the partners, Ed Wal, has now incorporated the key principles into a best-selling book.

This book is based on experience and delivers an unbeatable sales process which will give you the skills to make prospects see things very differently and get them to turn their backs on legacy thinking once and for all. This book is aimed at all levels of salesperson, irrespective of their experience or seniority. We believe this book has value to a range of groups whether you are: 

  • New to sales. It will provide a structure and form the basis of understanding what solution selling is about.

  • An experienced salesperson. Whether you are successful or not, applying STRONGMAN will help you confirm the next actions with prospects. It will also increase your confidence and knowledge of sales by introducing new skills and expertise. This will result in an increase in sales.

  • A sales manager. It will allow you to manage more effectively, direct sales meetings and use a common sales language and process. Applying STRONGMAN always increases forecasting accuracy and therefore helps develop credibility with senior management.

The STRONGMAN process was developed to help both sales executives and sales management qualify both sales meetings and sales telephone calls and plan the most effective action to take. To date, it’s been used by hundreds of sales professionals in the business-to-business environment. STRONGMAN is different from any other sales methodology system because it focuses on the prospect’s will and commitment to move the process forward.

Sales leaders can decide to use STRONGMAN as a methodology. They can customise and integrate control documents into their CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software and use the process to forecast sales. Above all, STRONGMAN can support talent improvement and develop a success sales culture.

Training Support

Our approach, to support the book, can be as follows and designed to help sales leaders integrate the ideas, approaches and skills needed to improve performance and make STRONGMAN an integral part of their sales culture:

  • A one day module ‘Introduction to the STRONGMAN concept’ Event

  • A two day module designed to develop a good working knowledge of the concept and highlight the key skills and approaches required to be successful. This helps self-development and/or planning and delivering ongoing internal sales management follow up.

  • A fully bespoke programme designed to create not only a working knowledge of STRONGMAN but directly target and develop the key skills involved and develop a confident application in sales meetings and developing effective sales plans.

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