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We provide truly bespoke management, sales, operations and customer service training and development programmes across all levels within an organisation based on the needs identified as integral to the broader business strategies and goals in place.

Our training programmes are innovative, practical and pragmatic throughout and designed to be inspirational and help build confidence, skills and performance.

Our methodology has proved successful in 4 continents.

Our training and development approach involves:

• Work with management to help identify, formulate and agree key training issues.

• Develop the most effective approach.

• Design a practical and theoretical training programme.

• Personally deliver the programme in conjunction with management as appropriate.

• Monitor and control progress as the programme becomes operational.

Some of the training and development programmes created and executed

• Solution selling – STRONGMAN©      


• Negotiation

• Enterprise Account Sales

• Sourcing New opportunities

• Developing Customer Sales

• Deal Analysis

• Questioning

• Need Identification

• Selling to Project teams

• Developing Executive Sponsors 

• Sales and general management Principles

• Sales and general Director leadership skills

• Customer service skills and approach development 

• Managing Projects

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